Registry Operations Guidelines

Registry Operations Guidelines

In March 2022, NAACCR held an interactive workshop titled “Data Quality Beyond Edits” for central registry directors and managers to share their experiences and ideas for non-standard data quality checks. Based on their expertise and examples, NAACCR developed these tools:

In September, 2022 NAACCR held a webinar called: Strategies for Data Quality Beyond Edits: Part 2 Webinar to present the tools available above. You can watch the recording and access the slides via the links.

NAACCR Tip Sheets are developed based upon input from diverse central cancer registries who participate in the NAACCR Registry Operations Workshop series. The Tip Sheets are not meant to lay out a specific methodology, but rather to serve as a starting point for more in-depth discussions, development of tools, and the establishment of new processes or practices within individual central registries as appropriate. For more information, please contact

This Best Practice provides an overview of what to consider when implementing remote working policies and procedures and includes examples from several central/state/provincial cancer registries.

The Data Item Consolidation Manual includes a list of applicable logical rules in a proposed order of application, usually ending with a step to review manually if the prior steps do not result in a single value. Central registries can use the documentation to assess their current practices and consider changes to their systems. It is expected that each registry will make its own decision about the applicability of the rules to their registry based on the purpose, philosophy, operational approach, and available resources. The data items included in the initial document are limited to those data items required by all standard setters.

The Death Clearance Manual is effective January 1, 2023 for deaths occurring in 2022. This manual takes precedence over any previously published death clearance document. It contains minimum requirements that all registries must complete for the death clearance process. Best practices are provided for each minimum requirement. Registries may choose to do more, but may not do less. This manual is a comprehensive compilation of death clearance process instructions intended to provide all necessary information under one cover to successfully conduct death clearance.

  1. Death Clearance Manual – April 2023
  2. Death Clearance Manual Quick Reference Guide– April 2023
  3. Death Clearance Manual Change Log – April 2023

The Discharge and Claims Data Best Practices Guide provides information to central cancer registries (CCRs) about linkage methodologies and uses of HDD and APCD by cancer registries.

The NAACCR Inter-registry Data Exchange (IDE) Guidelines provides population-based registries with operational guidelines to collect and exchange data on residents that are diagnosed or treated in another state.

  • Minimum Data Items and Minimum Edits (August 2023) – the spreadsheet includes the proposed set of data items suggested as the minimum data items to be included, when available; and, the minimum set of edits that should be applied to data exchange files prior to transmission.
  • v23 IDE Minimum Edit Metafile (August 2023) – This edits metafile includes the minimum set of edits that should be applied to data exchange files prior to submission. Each edit is listed int he Minimum Data Items and Minimum Edits spreadsheet.

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