NAACCR Executive Office Staff and Contact

NAACCR Executive Office Staff and Contact

The North American Association of Central Cancer Registries

The NAACCR Executive Office is located in Springfield, Illinois. Springfield is the Illinois state capital with a population of 120,000 residents. The city serves as a hub of activity for state business, state associations, and Central Illinois commerce. Springfield was home to Abraham Lincoln and has several universities and colleges, museums, a large medical district, and the Abraham Lincoln Capital Regional Airport. We encourage you to reach out to any of our staff for questions, inquiries, or assistance.

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Phone: (217) 698-0800


North American Association of
Central Cancer Registries, Inc.
2050 W. Iles Ave, Suite A
Springfield, IL 62704-4194

Executive Office Staff

Executive Director

Betsy A. Kohler, MPH, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 2

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Associate  Director

Stephanie M. Hill, MPH, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 117

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Chief of Registry Development

Karen Knight, M.S.

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 119

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Chief Operating Officer

Charlie Blackburn, MBA

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 4

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Program Manager of Virtual Pooled Registry

Castine Clerkin, MS, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 110

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Program Manager of Standards

Lori Havener, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 3

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Adele Hileman

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 7

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Program Manager of Education

Jim Hofferkamp, BA, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 5

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Administrative Coordinator

Tricia Kulmacz

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 114

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Part-Time Trainer / Project Coordinator

Angela Martin, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 9

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Program Manager of Data Quality and Integration

Fernanda Michels, MSc, PhD, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 118

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Web and Technology Developer

Tyler Scott

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 8

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Program Manager of Data Use and Research

Recinda Sherman, PhD, MPH, ODS-C

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 6

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Administration and Data Services Coordinator

Monica Thornton

Phone: (217) 698-0800 ext. 1

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