Business Meetings

Business Meetings

NAACCR holds its Annual Business Meeting at the NAACCR Annual Conference each June. The Business Meeting is open to all delegates who attend the NAACCR Annual Conference. All NAACCR members are highly encouraged to attend the Annual Business Meeting as there is vital information provided on the Association’s fiscal status, Presidential Report, Executive Director’s Report, registry certification announcement and other important information. One does not need to be a voting delegate to attend the meeting. Voting delegates are, however, the only persons that can cast an official vote. Only Full and Sponsoring Member’s designated voting delegates are eligible to vote on motions brought forward at the Annual Business Meeting.

If the voting delegate will not be able to attend the annual business meeting of NAACCR; a proxy delegate can be designated to vote on behalf of the member organization.

The proxy delegate must:

  • Be an employee or member of the NAACCR member organization
  • Be physically present at the NAACCR Business Meeting
  • Submit a proxy on organization letterhead at the Annual Business Meeting

This site contains the most recent Annual Business Meeting agendas and final minutes. Anyone interested in learning more about the Annual Business Meeting should contact the NAACCR Executive Office at Charlie Blackburn or 217-698-0800.

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