NAACCR Special Edition JRM

NAACCR Special Edition JRM

NAACCR is pleased to continue our annual collaboration with NCRA: the NAACCR Special Edition of the Journal of Registry Management. This JRM edition provides opportunities for NAACCR members and other researchers to feature their cancer surveillance research or related work. We encourage NAACCR members to plan to submit articles, short reports, and ‘how-to’s’. In addition to original articles, we encourage members to submit short reports and editorials on issues impacting cancer surveillance.

NAACCR Special Editions of Journal of Registry Management


Submission Information

All submissions to the NAACCR Special Edition JRM are submitted directly to NAACCR via Recinda Sherman. If you have any questions, please contact Recinda Sherman, Program Manager of Data Use and Research.

Submissions for the Winter 2024 Publication are Due October 8th, 2024.

For general author instructions: Information For Authors ( — however, the NAACCR Special Edition submissions are sent directly to NAACCR by emailing Recinda Sherman.

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