National Interstate Data Exchange Agreement

National Interstate Data Exchange Agreement

Capturing all newly diagnosed cancer cases is essential to any central cancer registry. Sometimes patients are diagnosed and/or treated in an area that is different from their residence, and agreements must be made between registries to share data. NAACCR has developed a model National Interstate Inter-Registry Data Exchange Agreement which will allow states to exchange data on cases diagnosed or treated in other areas. This single agreement will take the place of multiple inter-registry data exchange agreements. See the list below of the states that have signed the agreement.

The NAACCR Inter-Registry Data Exchange (IDE) Guidelines provides population-based registries with operational guidelines to collect and exchange data on residents that are diagnosed or treated in another state. For the Inter-Registry Data Exchange Guidelines, list of minimum data elements and edits,  and IDE Minimum Edits Metafile, go here.

Inter-Registry Data Exchange Participants (Last Update August 2023)

Current Contacts

Signed Inter-Registry Data Exchange Agreements should be emailed to NAACCR at Recinda Sherman.

Please Note: An updated interstate data exchange agreement was developed in July 2021. For registries still using the older version, their signed agreement is available as a PDF under the Data Exchange Agreement Column. Any relevant restrictions with the older agreement are identified by a number under the Restrictions column. Registries that have signed the updated July 2021 agreement will have their signed agreement available through the hyperlink on their registry name. Any restrictions to the updated agreement are identified by a letter under the Restrictions column.

RegistryDate Signed/UpdatedRestrictionsData Exchange AgreementContact
Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry9/27/2021YesJuly 2021 versionJustin George
Alaska Cancer Registry8/3/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionAlaska Cancer Registry
Arizona Cancer Registry10/1/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionChris Newton
Arkansas Central Cancer Registry8/3/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionChristopher Fisher
Bermuda National Tumour Registry4/14/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionKatura Horton
California Cancer Registry2/5/2016Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionDeepa Padmanaban
Cancer Data Registry of Idaho8/30/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionDenise Jozwik
Colorado Central Cancer Registry8/26/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionJohn Arend
Connecticut Tumor Registry9/8/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionCathryn Phillips
Delaware Cancer Registry1/13/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionJason Lawson
District of Columbia Cancer Registry (DCCR)1/31/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionAlfreda Woods
Florida Cancer Data System
Georgia Department of Public Health 8/26/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionRana Bayakly
Guam Cancer Registry4/1/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionLymona Susuico Refugia
Hawaii Tumor Registry8/24/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionJoni Davis
Illinois State Cancer Registry
Indiana State Cancer Registry10/5/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionLaura Ruppert
Kansas Cancer Registry
Kentucky Cancer Registry3/14/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionLindsey Baker
Louisiana Tumor Registry7/29/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionLauren Maniscalco
Maine Cancer Registry09/22/2021YesJuly 2021 versionKathy Boris
Maryland Cancer Registry8/23/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionVijay Medithi
Massachusetts Cancer Registry7/27/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionSusan Gershman
Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program7/28/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionGeorgetta Alverson
Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System
Mississippi Cancer Registry9/29/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionDeidre Rogers
Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center9/10/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionSue Stulgo
Montana Central Tumor Registry1/7/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionDebbi Lemons
Nebraska Cancer Registry7/6/2015Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionLifeng Li
Nevada Statewide Cancer Registry2/17/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionChristine Pool
New Hampshire State Cancer Registry2/3/2022YesJuly 2021 versionCathy Geiger
New Hampshire State Cancer Registry3/14/2022YesJuly 2021 versionAntoinette Stroup
New Mexico Tumor Registry11/12/2021YesJuly 2021 versionBarbara Evans
New York State Cancer Registry8/18/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionColleen Sherman
North Carolina Central Cancer Registry3/28/2013Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionChandrika Rao
North Dakota Statewide Cancer Registry8/26/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionYung Zheng
Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System1/26/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionEmily Bunt
Oklahoma Central Cancer Registry10/20/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionChristy Dabbs
Oregon State Cancer Registry7/27/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionShannon Evangelista
Pennsylvania Cancer Registry8/6/2013Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionWendy Aldinger
Puerto Rico Central Cancer Registry3/29/2022NoneJuly 2021 VersionCarlos Torres
Rhode Island Cancer Registry09/2/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionNancy Lebrun
South Carolina Central Cancer Registry12/13/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionMichael Castera
South Dakota Cancer Registry
State Health Registry of Iowa9/8/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionSuzanne Bentler
Tennessee Cancer Registry12/1/2022YesJuly 2021 versionMartin Whiteside
Texas Cancer Registry10/29/2021YesJuly 2021 versionMiriam Robles
Utah Cancer Registry9/22/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionCarrie Bateman
Vermont Cancer Registry9/9/2021YesJuly 2021 versionLinda Bloschies
Virgin Islands Cancer Registry1/31/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionJohn Orr
Virginia Cancer Registry3/22/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionSunney Wang
Washington State Cancer Registry7/27/2015Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionMahesh Cheteri
West Virginia Cancer Registry9/22/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionMyra Fernatt
Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System7/24/2023NoneJuly 2021 versionMandi Walsh
Wyoming Cancer Surveillance Program8/7/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionJulia Espinoza


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