ListServs & Press

ListServs & Press

ListServ – Sending Messages

NAACCR has employed the use of an innovative cross-collaborative software, SHARE by Higher Logic to distribute information to its membership. If you are interested in forwarding useful and pertinent information to the NAACCR membership, simply send an email and format it exactly as you would like it to be distributed. The email will be reviewed and, if approved, forwarded to the NAACCR ListServ. Please avoid using attachments, instead copy a URL and insert it into the email.

If you would like to receive mailings from the NAACCR ListServ, simply sign up for a MyNAACCR account. All new MyNAACCR accounts are automatically added to the NAACCR ListServ. Please also add and to your safe sender list.

If you wish to no longer receive email from the NAACCR ListServ Connected Community, simply use the one-click unsubscribe method at the bottom of a NAACCR ListServ Connected Community email received by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the Listserv email.

It may take 24-48 hours for your unsubscription request to be synced with the system.

Press Releases

NAACCR is currently in the process of updating the process for Press Releases check back later.

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