IRB Activities

IRB Activities

IRB activities associated with the VPR-CLS

Ensuring that human subject research be conducted in accordance with ethical and institutional guidelines is essential; however, completing individual state IRB applications for multi-registry linkages can be a time- and resource-intensive endeavor. In an effort to streamline the IRB application and review process, NAACCR and NCI are developing a templated IRB form and exploring the use of a Central IRB for minimal risk cancer registry linkage studies.

Impending changes to the Common Rule will require use of a Central (or single) IRB for cooperative research. To learn more about this change to the Common Rule and the implications for cancer registry linkage studies, click on the IRB Common Rule Fact Sheet (Updated 8-1-18).

One option to help streamline the IRB process is to establish a central IRB that would review multi-site cohort studies and whose review and approval would be accepted by multiple state cancer registries. We are exploring options for a Central IRB dedicated to minimal risk cancer registry linkage studies. Such an IRB would offer a consistent, high quality, and expert review process that would protect privacy and confidentiality while saving time and resources.

A second method to streamline the IRB process is the creation of a Templated IRB/Registry Application that would be accepted by multiple states, thereby reducing the amount of time and resources spent completing individual state forms. NAACCR has reviewed state IRB and Registry applications and identified common questions to include in the Templated IRB/Registry Application. NAACCR is talking with state registries and IRB’s to determine acceptance of the Template. Once acceptance is determined, the VPR-CLS will allow researchers to electronically complete and submit this single Template to participating states.

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