Certified Registries

Certified Registries


In order to track trends in the occurrence of cancer in North America, every newly diagnosed cancer case is reported to a population-based state, provincial or territorial cancer registry where statistics are compiled in a standard format. This enables us to make comparisons across geographical areas and over time. In 1997, NAACCR instituted a program that annually reviews member registries for their ability to produce complete, accurate, and timely data. NAACCR annually reviews data from member registries to assure the quality, accuracy, and completeness of cancer incidence data based on pre-determined objective and independent registry certification criteria. In 2020, NAACCR added an additional registry recognition for registries with high quality data and follow-back efforts that support the use of their data in survival and prevalence analysis.

In 2023, cancer incidence data for cases diagnosed in 2020 for 68 of the 70 population-based cancer registries in North America were evaluated as part of the certification program—based on the December 2022 Call for Data Submission. Nine Canadian (7 Provinces and 2 territories) and 54 U.S. registries (48 states, Puerto Rico, and 4 metropolitan and 1 regional registry) were certified by NAACCR. The percentage of the North American population that is covered by high quality certified registries for diagnosis year 2020 is 96% for the US and approximately 75% for Canada. For the Survival/Prevalence Fitness for Use Recognition, 58 of 70 population-based cancer registries qualified. Nine Canadian Provinces/Territories and 48 U.S. registries (43 states, 4 metropolitan, and 1 regional registry) were recognized by NAACCR. The percentage of the North American population that is recognized as Fit for Use for Survival/Prevalence analysis is approximately 94% for the US and 75% for Canada.

Achieving NAACCR certification and Fitness for Use in Survival/Prevalence is a considerable accomplishment and represents months of diligent effort to ensure the quality and reliability of North American cancer data. Data collected by member registries form the backbone of the cancer surveillance system supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute and public health agencies in Canada. The cancer data form the basis of Cancer in North America (CiNA) cancer statistics andare integral to countless cancer research studies.


2023 NAACCR Recognized Registries for Survival & Prevalence

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