Call for Data

Call for Data

Information for the NAACCR Call for Data

Submission Open November 1, 2022

Due Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Each year, NAACCR has a Call for Data for its certification process and to produce a new set of Cancer in North America (CiNA) data products.

The NAACCR Data Use and Research and the Data Evaluation and Certification Committees invite you to submit incident cancer cases from your registry for the years 1995 through 2020 to be used for cancer statistics, surveillance, and research projects and activities.

All data must be submitted using the NAACCR Record Layout Version 22, and all variables must conform to NAACCR standard definitions and codes, as described in Volume II, Version 22 of the NAACCR Standards for Cancer Registries: Data Standards and Data Dictionary.

In addition, NAACCR requests registries also include 2021 cases in their submission. The 2021 cases will be used for evaluation purposes only and will not impact inclusion in CiNA or Certification. 2021 cases may be submitted after regular submission.

For any Call for Data questions or concerns, please contact Recinda Sherman. To keep up-to-date with any changes or additions to the website, please join the Call For Data Listserv by contacting Tricia Kulmacz.

Call for Data Instructional Webinar

Submissions Open November 1, 2022.

Call For Data Due December 6, 2022.

*The date of latest update is listed below

  • General Instructions 9/2/22 Updated to clarify what #’s registries will enter in the Submission Form for the new Match*Pro Duplicate Protocol



Here is information regarding the Dec 2022 CFD “Calculate Survival Time In Months” and “Create Cause Specific And Other Death Classification.” We no longer support specific SAS programs, however, these variables can be generated using NAACCR*Prep & File*Pro.

*The date of latest update is listed below


  • v22 CFD Edits Metafile – 9/18/22 (Change from 9/12/22-field macros updated for edit 8017)
  • Inter-Record (IR) Edits – (This is the same version of the IR Edits that is posted to the NPCR Doc Server with a posted date of 8/31/22. Last modified date is 7/29/22)

The final NAACCR Call for Data file must be submitted in v22 and clear the v22 CFD Edits.

For registries that have not converted to v22,  the Northcon conversion software is may be used to convert a file from v21 to v22.


  • NAACCR*Prep Instructions-Coming Soon
  • NAACCR*Prep Executable File-Coming Soon
    • Canadian Configuration Files
    • US Configuration Files 
    • VPR-CLS Configuration File
    • NCCR Configuration File


  • Match*Pro Resources 8/30/22
    • New this year, we are requiring the deduplication protocol using Match*Pro on entire database 1995 forward. 



File*Pro can be used to view and manage large cancer data files formatted according to NAACCR Data Exchange Standards and export XML or CSV files for review or analysis. It can also be configured to be used with any data stored in a fixed column or CSV file format. For use with the Call for Data process, File*Pro can provide an overview of data items included in an XML file and their fill rate, and it can calculate the standard derived fields (survival, NHAPIIA, poverty, etc).

File*Pro (direct link)

XML Exchange Plus can also be used to view and manage large cancer data files formatted according to NAACCR Data Exchange Standards and export XML or CSV files for review or analysis.

XML Exchange Plus (direct link)

Tools are also available to translate XML files for review in SAS:

Welcome to the  NAACCR Call for Data Submission Site! Log-in here, using your MyNAACCR credentials, to submit your CFD file, complete your electronic submission forms, and post your signed Data Assurance Agreement and consent forms.

  • The NAACCR Call for Data Submission Portal will open November 1, 2022. The CFD Submission is due Midnight EST, Tuesday December 6, 2022.
  • If you have a new account or are unable to access the Submission site, please contact Recinda Sherman.

You may also log-in here to  access your current and historic Data Assessment Reports as well as update/review your registry information in the CaRI database.

  • To use the Data Visualization Tool in the Data Assessment Reports, you will need to download Tableau Reader (free software) available here.
  • Access to the CaRI Database and the registry-specific Data Assessment Reports is always available—even if the CFD Submission Portal is closed.

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