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    New installers have been posted for EditWriter and the Edit Engine on CDC-NPCR EDITS50 download page. The updated files are these:

    For Windows:

    • setup_ew5_32bit_2017Feb20.exe
    • setup_ew5_64bit_2017Feb20.exe

    For Linux:

    The reason for this update is to address these issues:

    The Import Metafile form Diff button could not locate ExamDiff from the 64-bit build. This has been fixed.

    Edit Engine (EDITS50.dll and libedits50.so)
    Function Edit_GetRunEditsSummary is documented not to require callback parameters, but the Engine erroneously assumed they would be provided… and crashed. Fixed the code so that those parameters are, indeed, optional.

    The documentation for several functions implied that their callback parameters are optional when they are required. The misleading note was removed from the pages. Refer to the Revision History page of the document or EditWriter 5 Release Notes.pdf in the EditWriter application folder for details.

    Please download and install the update that applies to your environment (32-bit vs. 64-bit on Windows, or the zip archive for Linux).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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