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    I am getting a lot of edit requests from facilities that reference TNM edits in the COC Required Edit Set, but not the Wisconsin State Edit Set (which includes all NPCR required and some additional edits). To whom should these edit questions be directed? WCRS staff don’t have time to review and respond to edit questions not required by the State. Thank you,

    Jim Hofferkamp

    You can send them to me.

    You can either send them through this blog site or send them to me through email. I’ll work with the TNM Edits WG to clarify them. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if the issue is related to the edits or if it is a coding issue. When in doubt, send them to me.

    Once the NAACCR call for data is over (thursday) I’m going to start posting known edit issues to this site. We have had several issues pop up since we released the v16d metafile. I just haven’t had time to get them posted.

    As an fyi…we are hoping we won’t release another metafile update until late January or early February. If you have a registry that has a case they are coding correctly but can’t get past the edits, have them hold the case until the next update.

    So far, all of the issues we have identified since the release of v16c are not things that will impact a lot of cases.


    Thanks Jim…I won’t bug you any more until after the Call for Data is done, except…there’s a V16D edit set? I don’t see it on the web site. Looking forward to seeing the updated known issues postings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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