Instructions for Abstract Content

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Abstracts must be 350 words or less including references but not including title or presentation objectives.

Spell check is available in the tools for the Abstract, and the number of words used are tracked in a red box above.
Whether the intent of the presentation is to present research or program evaluation results or to describe an approach that was taken toward dealing with an operational issue, the abstract should include the following:

  • An informative study title.
  • Background statement that explains why this study or project was undertaken (e.g., what was the need, gap in knowledge, etc.).
  • Purpose of the study or project (e.g., specific questions addressed, intervention strategies employed, and/or operational issue examined).
  • Methods/Approach (e.g., design, study population, method of analysis, evaluation tools, system changes,
  • Results that will be presented (e.g., study or evaluation results, program outcomes, process improvements, etc.).
  • Conclusions/Implications.

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