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Henry Well

Executive Director

South Carolina Cancer Alliance


Cancer in African American Men- Action Plan

In 2021, the South Carolina Cancer Alliance and the South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health released a data brief highlighting the burden of cancer on African American men in South Carolina. This publication was a follow-up to our 2019 Cancer in African American Men Report developed in partnership with the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry. This report utilized the Registry’s data to highlight the disparities facing African American men. Both reports are available at


The South Carolina Cancer Alliance utilized the data in these reports to request significant funding from the South Carolina General Assembly to implement interventions to increase cancer screening in African American men. We are happy to say our request to the General Assembly was approved in June 2022. This funding is the culmination of several years efforts to utilize the registry’s data to make data-driven decisions to make an impact on the lives of South Carolinians.

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