NAACCR Standards Feasibility Analysis Guidelines June 2014

NAACCR Standards Feasibility Analysis Guidelines June 2014

Upon request by the Change Management Board new or change proposals must have a feasibility analysis completed. The goal of the feasibility analysis is to ensure the data are available and are of sufficient quality for the North American cancer surveillance system. If the analysis has already been conducted, please attach the results. If it has not been conducted yet, please attach your feasibility analysis plan indicating how each of the following will be addressed or why any particular topic is not relevant to the requested change.

Example of a proposal that would need a feasibility plan: A proposal for a new data item (e.g., Language Spoken).

Describe your feasibility analysis plan (or submit feasibility analysis results) for collecting the requested data. Please include plans (or results) that assess the following key factors:

  1. Provide the number of each type of reporting source from which information will be/has been obtained for this analysis.
  2. Describe the availability of information from each type of reporting source (e.g. completeness of data in health records).
    – What percentage of the records from each type of reporting source included the data of interest?
    – Are original source records available?
  3. Describe the quality of data obtained from these records.
    – Is the desired specificity available?
  4. Provide the location where the data can be found in each type of reporting source (e.g., pathology report, EHR, history and physical, lab, etc.).
  5. Describe the level of effort required to obtain these data (time, cost, resources, etc.).
  6. Describe the impact on data.
    – Is a conversion or coding change of pre-existing data item required? If so, what would the conversion consist of? Can the conversion routine be   developed? If yes, what percent of cases will require manual review? Is a manual review of all cases necessary?
    – Is this change likely to have a cascading effect on other variables?
    – Can/should this new data item be completed for older cases (stragglers) submitted after the effective date?
  7. Are there existing standards (from within or outside of the cancer registration field) that could be applied to the coding of this data element? If yes, include a reference to the standards and whether they are consistent with the codes you have proposed.
  8. Describe the impact of this change on EDITS and registry operations.
    – Recommend edits pertaining to the new proposed data item and to other data items impacted by the proposed data item.
    -Discuss any expected impact on registry operations.
  9. Describe the overall impact of this change on the:
    – cancer surveillance community
    – cancer research community
    – clinical communities
    – usability of previously collected cancer registry data
    – usability of data collected after the change is in place
  10. Include any other comments

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