Reply To: TNM Path cN0 2016 (CoC)

Reply To: TNM Path cN0 2016 (CoC)

AnonymousRuth Li

Responses from NAACCR:

To the question “this edit is not listed in any of the edit sets. Is there a reason it was left out?”:

That was an oversight. We skipped the process of polling the standard setters to see if they wanted the edit in their edit set.

CoC, NPCR, and SEER are all on the Edits WG and they approved the edit. NPCR modified their .dll to accommodate these changes as well.

To the question ““TNM Path cN0 2016 (CoC)” edit, when I tested… it passed when it shouldn’t for cutaneous melanoma where pT is NOT pT1A”:

It does look like we have a problem with the logic. It is letting any pT value pass with a cN0. We will look into and should have a fix for v18. If you like we can send you the logic to correct the edit on your end. [Update] Error can be corrected by removing 31 from the following logic statement in the edit:

if (INLIST(#S”TNM Path N”, “0”, “cxbb”, 2,3))
if (INLIST(#S”TNM Path T”, “A”, “pxbb”, 2,3) or
INLIST(#S”TNM Path T”, “IS”, “pxxb”, 2,3) or
INLIST(#S”TNM Path T”, “ISU, ISD”, “pxxx”, 2,3) or
INLIST(Sitegrp, “16A,16B,027,028,31,36A”))
return PASS;

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