Reply To: Help with callback functions

Reply To: Help with callback functions


EDITS50.dll is built with Visual Studio 2017, Platform Toolset Visual Studio 2017 (v141).

I have been running searches on DuckDuckGo using key words C++ DLL Windows Server 2012 and variations, and finding discussions concerning Windows API function LoadLibrary and its (possible) dependence on the operating system’s C runtime library.

So it would be very helpful to know where in the source code the application is failing, and what error messages are displayed (if any). This might involve embedding more std::cout statements in the source code.

I do think the problem has to do with the environment, and perhaps adding one or more OS libraries to the system directory (e.g., C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or its Win2012 equivalent). If you have a network admin, could (s)he help you debug this?

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