v16D Error 3587: Breast case pN2B based on clin evid but Reg LNs Pos =00

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    AnonymousDulce Bramlbett

    Breast case Dx 7/1/16
    histology 8503/3

    6/22/16 Screening chest CT shows 2.2cm breast mass and 1.0cm internal mammary LN; 6/27/16 Mammo confirms findings on CT
    Physician states cT2 N2b M0
    7/21/16 lumpectomy w/axillary SLN bx – 2.5cm primary and 0/1 axillary SLN
    Path report reflects pT2 N0(sn)
    Physician notes state clinical involvement of int mammary LN though no bx was performed. CT simulation for radiation also notes a 1.2cm int mammary LN

    I recorded Clinical staging as cT2 cN2b cM0 and Pathologic staging as pT2 pN2b cM0 with the N2b recorded per the footnotes on AJCC page 360. Posted inquiry on staging to CAnswer Forum where it was verified pN2B is correct as I can use clinical information – pos int mammary LN – in addition to the SLN bx to assign pN. http://cancerbulletin.facs.org/forums/forum/ajcc-tnm-staging/breast-chapter-32/73476-path-n-internal-mammary-ln-clini-involved-w-o-hist-confirmation-and-aln-negative

    I researched the edit as this case will not pass edits [v16D] – Error 3587 states if TNM Path N = p2B, Reg nodes positive must not = 00, 98, 99. I checked the NAACCR v16D Edits Detail Report for this error and don’t see an answer for this case.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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