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    AnonymousRuth Li

    While testing 16E edit on a Corpus Uteri carcinoma case (AJCC chapter 36A), we are not able to pass the edit “TNM Path N, Reg Nodes Ex – Ed 7 (CoC)” when we use a clinical N other than cN0 in the pathologic N category, because the edit only allows pX, c0 or blank when Reg Nodes Examined is 00 or 99. We were testing this because per rules for classification for pathologic staging for uterine cancer (chapter 36 , 7th edition), “when there are insufficient surgical-pathologic findings, the clinical cT, cN, cM categories should be used on the basis of clinical evaluation”. So this is a chapter specific exception where the clinical N may be used in the pathologic N category.

    Looking at the edit logic, it seems that an exception would need to made? Similar to how exceptions are made for Ch14, 31, 30, 52, and 55 in the “TNM Path N, Reg Nodes Pos – Ed 7 (COC)” edit?

    Thank you for your time in reviewing this.

    AnonymousRuth Li

    Response from NAACCR:

    It looks like TNM Path N, Reg Nodes Ex – Ed 7 (CoC) needs to be updated to allow cN1 and cN2 when regional nodes examined are 00 or 99. Personally, I would leave the edit in the metafile. I think the circumstance you described is pretty rare.

    When it does arise, I, I would have the registrar leave the pN data item blank, but calculate the stage as if a cN1 or cN2 is in the data item. This is a valid coding option according to AJCC and all of the other standard setters and it will pass all edits.

    At this point we do not plan on releasing a v16f. However, if we do, this edit will be corrected. It will also be correct for pre-2018 cases when we release the v18 metafile.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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