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    Jim Hofferkamp

    The question below came in from a central registry metafile administrator…

    We are wondering why these two edits were removed from the Vs16 NPCR Required – Consol-All Edits, edit set just released. There was no administrative note included in the spreadsheet documentation for these and we are interested to know if there is some significance to removing these from the metafile.

    Both edits are listed as removed from the NPCR Edit sets. We don’t usually provide admin notes for changes in the edit sets. However, it is perfectly appropriate to ask.

    NPCR requested these edits be removed from their edit set. The purpose of these edits was to ensure the clin and path descriptors to not be blank if any of the TNM fields were not blank.

    We talked to CoC about this and they said that there are situations where the path descriptors could be blank and the TNM fields not blank. NPCR felt that at this point it time it would be best to just remove these edits from their edit sets. We will look at these edits again for the v17 metafile.


    Thanks Jim for your explanation regarding NPCR’s decision to remove these edits. We’ll be removing both going foward.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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