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    Jim Hofferkamp

    The following question was submitted from a Canadian registry testing the call for data edits. I will respond in a reply.

    Hi Jim,

    Data File : dx2014 cases

    When I ran the data file using
    • v15 edits , I had 66 errors (We have reviewed these errors, and we know these are true errors or requires override. As a part of our NAACCR submission , we run the NAACCR edits quarterly and edit monster to get the list of errors)

    Converted the file thru Northcon
    • ran the file via v16 edits , we had 68 errors
    • all edits were same as V15 except that the below edit was new and 2 cases were in this
    o Primary Site, Heme Morph, DateDX, Override (SEER)
    o Site code : C169 and C779 , histology codes for both were 9719

    Could this “Primary Site, Heme Morph, DateDX, Override (SEER)” be a newer edit ?
    I am using V15 edit file using NAACCR v15_2015Sep04.rmf

    This edit is not overridden in the .dat file.

    Jim Hofferkamp

    It looks like the edit was updated just after last year’s call for data. Last year’s call for data was based on the v15 metafile. This edit was updated for v15a. I found the following in the admin notes for the edit.

    NAACCR v15A
    – Logic fixed so that it will no longer inappropriately pass for 9719: it will now fail whenever Primary Site is not C050-C059, C110-C119, C300-C301, C310-C319

    So it looks like the edit is working correctly. Those two cases should be reviewed to confirm that the site/histology is correct.

    The original question was submitted by a Canadian registry testing the CFD edits. A second Canadian registry also found some additional cases that were not picked up last year. I did not hear back from any US registries testing the metafile, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up with a few cases that were not identified when they ran their file through the CFD edits last year.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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