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    AnonymousMichael Castera

    Edit Name: Primary Site, AJCC Stage Group 2016 – Ed 7 (CoC)

    Case Scenario: Diagnosis Date: 4/28/2016 Primary Site: C32.9 Histology: 8070/3

    We use the Registry Plus software and based off of the software all of the TNM staging fields are coded 88 including the Stage Group fields. The software will not let me change any of these fields and if I try it gives me a message stating this is a invalid schema and will be defaulted to 88. The edit description information states these fields should be able to be coded and have a valid stage.

    NAACCR Response:

    The problem is Larynx has different T value for supraglottis, glottis, and subglottis and you cannot tell which values to use based on codes C32.8 and C32.9. At one point there was a CAnswer forum post saying that these cases are unstageable. That is why Reg plus made the tables the way they did. The Edits WG was not aware of this post and based the valid topography codes on what is in staging manual. That is why the edit is the way it is.

    However, what we have found is that C32.8 and C32.9 are valid codes if the registrar can determine the epicenter of the tumor and use that information to assign the T values.

    Another registry contacted us with this issue. They looked at their cases and found that nearly 20 percent of their Larynx cases were C32.8 or C32.9. I would hate to see us lose stage data on that many cases. Especially the ones that have mets so the T value isn’t even driving the stage.

    Is there a way to just let these cases sit for a while? We are going to try to have this issue resolved in the next month or two. If nothing else, we will update the edit to allow for 88’s.

    AnonymousViet Nam


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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