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    I see that the XML is versioned as v1.4. When the XML layout is required in 2021, what will it be called? We call the current ascii layout the “NAACCR v18 record layout”…so will we be calling the new XML, the “NAACCR v21 record layout”? Or the NAACCR v1.4 record layout?

    What will we be storing in the record version data item? We can’t really store v14 as that already means version 14.

    Please let us know.


    AnonymousFabian Depry

    Hello Kathleen,

    We are talking about two different version here:

    1. The NAACCR XML Specifications version
    2. The NAACCR Layout version

    The specifications version (currently 1.4) is tied to the syntax of the XML (when a tag or attribute is removed/added, or when the specifications change, like the maximum number of characters allowed for the NAACCR XML IDs).

    The layout version (currently 180) is tied to the data items (that’s the one the community is used to).

    Both those versions can be updated independently of the other one.

    In 2021, NAACCR will release a new layout (only describing XML since fixed-columns will be retired) and that layout will be version 210 (or v21). There will be a new base dictionary associated to that version.

    At that point, either the specification version will still be at 1.4, or maybe it will have been upgraded to address minor changes to the specifications.

    I hope this answers your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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