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    Jim Hofferkamp

    NAACCR Prep has just been updated on the NAACCR website It no longer includes Postal Code as a default setting for the CINA Submission.

    Postal code is a data item requested from Canadian registries only. In the past, U.S. registries used the I record layout for their NAACCR submission. This did not include postal code so we could leave Postal Code as a default in NAACCRPrep to accommodate Canadian submissions.

    Now that NAACCR prep has the capability to produce the NPCR submission and to calculate NHAPIIA, many U.S. registries are using the C record layout to create their submission file. This layout does include postal code. We updated NAACCRPrep so it does not include Postal Code in the default setting. Canadian registries that do want to include Postal Code should click the “customize” box and then check the data item Postal Code.

    Hopefully, this will keep any U.S. registries from inadvertently submitting a file with Postal Code data.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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