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    AnonymousJenny Ferguson

    Hi, guys let me introduce myself first. I am Jenny Ferguson working as a Social worker. And we have successfully carried genetic tests of nearly thousands of cancer patients in the US. Out of every 10 people, there is at least 1 guy who is diagnosed with cancer. And guess what 70% of the time it is found out to be genetic cancer. So we came up with an idea of Cancer Testing Kits Giveaway Program to all at your doorstep. This is completely for the noble cause.

    If the test appears positive you are assured that there is a chance of developing cancer in your body due to ancestry.

    If the test appears negative just relax and enjoy your life.

    If a simple cancer test can bring a smile on your kid’s face, give strength to your grandpa when he needs the most and boosts the positive vibes in your home. Then why not?

    Here is the most recent story from one of our cancer survivor:

    I had years of headaches. They grew steadily worse over time. I would tell doctor after doctor. Each time I was told it was no big deal.

    Diagnosis ranged from stress, migraines, and made up. By the time I was sixty-five, I would hide in the dark. Couldn’t focus to save my life.

    One night at home I blacked out, my son, aware of my headaches called for an ambulance fearing a stroke. And again the doctor said it’s normal to have a headache at this age. The pain was completely unbearable.

    After doing all the body tests, we decided to take a genetic test as a final attempt. The results showed us that my great grandmother had a brain cancer which I was completely unaware of.

    At the ER a CT scan revealed a mass the size of a walnut. When the tumor would swell it would cause pain as well as wear away at the inside if my skull. Think tracing paper.

    I consider myself lucky that the genetic test saved my life. Life has become interesting in the last 2 years. At least I’ve had this time with no sign of return. I have learned to live with my new normal.

    We would love to be a part of your painful journey and extremely happy if we can take away even an ounce of it.

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