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    Jim Hofferkamp

    The following question was submitted yesterday. My response is in the first reply.

    I’ve gotten a couple calls from registries saying that the IHS edits are not in the v16 NAACCR metafile. Some checked in the v15 metafile and saw the edits there and asked if they could submit v15 files for the IHS linkage. I told them that wasn’t a problem for my purposes because there hasn’t been any changes in the data items I need.

    Since I’ve just started getting files to link to IHS I just wanted to see if there was a problem with the IHS edits in the v16 metafile? I’m sure I’ll start getting more calls once the registries start working on their IHS link submissions.

    Jim Hofferkamp

    Below is a response from Susan Capron and I (mostly Susan). I didn’t include the full email thread but we found that registries were looking for the IHS edit set in the Call for Data Metafile.

    The IHS Edits are included in the NAACCR v16b metafile. They are not included in the call for data edits metafile.

    The IHS edit set (IHS – Variables Required for IHS Linkage) has never been included in the NPCR or NAACCR Call for Data metafiles. It’s not an edit set that can run on incidence records since it includes edits on first, last, and middle names, and on social security number. I do believe it has worked out well having it in the full NAACCR metafile. However, I can see how that might be confusing at times.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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