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    AnonymousAMY NEISS

    I received this error message when validating this Vagina case. It states that cT1b is not valid for the Vagina site. Is this an edit issue with V18B?
    Error Number: 1 (7182)
    Edit Name: AJCC ID, AJCC TNM T (COC)
    Edit set Name: Elekta18B – Extended
    Edit Error Message: AJCC TNM Clin T: cT1b is not valid for AJCC ID 51
    Field(Pos): AJCC TNM Clin T (1082)=> cT1b
    Field(Pos): AJCC TNM Path T (1150)=> <BLANK>
    Field(Pos): AJCC TNM Post Therapy T (1218)=> <BLANK>
    Field(Pos): AJCC ID (1722)=> 51
    Field(Pos): Date of Diagnosis (544)=> 20180206
    Field(Pos): TNM Edition Number (1046)=> 08
    Field(Pos): Primary Site (554)=> C529
    Field(Pos): Histologic Type ICD-O-3 (564)=> 8070

    Jim Hofferkamp

    I received the same error.

    Looks like we are going to have to correct the edit. I suggest saving the case as incomplete until we post the next edit update. That will probably be some time in March.

    Jim Hofferkamp

    There was an extra space next to the c, p, and yp values for t1b. This has been corrected in the edit logic for v18c. I’m hoping the metafile will be posted in early March. Until then you should hold the case.

    Thank for letting me know!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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