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Jim Hofferkamp

This edit is incorrectly expecting the clinical T value to reflect the pathologic T value. This has been corrected and will be included in v16d. This edit has gone through quite a few changes since it was released in v16. Below is a summary of changes.


– Corrected logic for first INLIST of primary sites for site/histology group 57A, 000-419-440 changed to 000-440.
– Description and logic updated to skip edit for Carcinoma of Conjunctiva, Melanoma of Conjunctiva.
– Corrected Edit Logic to include 9727 as lymphoma rather than lymphoma/leukemia code, to delete 9728-9729 as obsolete codes
– Added Group 57C, C420, C421, C424, 9811-9818, 9837,to Edit Logic

– Name changed from TNM T,N,M, In Situ (CoC) to TNM Path T,N,M, In Situ (COC)
– Description and Edit Logic updated to allow TNM Clin T to be blank and TNM Clin Stage Group to equal 99 when TNM Path T is in situ. This logic assumes that In situ carcinoma was not diagnosed clinically and is an incidental finding at surgery.
– Logic statements requiring that TNM Clin N, TNM Clin M, and TNM Clin Stage Group are also coded consistently with TNM Path T = in situ removed from edit; consistency of coding for TNM Clin fields checked in another edit, TNM Clin T,N,M, In Situ (COC).
– Description and logic updated to edit Carcinoma of Conjunctiva and Melanoma of Conjunctiva for TNM Path N and TNM Path M and only skip for TNM Path Stage Group
– Error messages updated to be more specific about coding problems
– Corrected edit logic for assigning site/histology group 011 to group 10B or 999 based on histology and CS Site-Specific Factor 25

– Description, logic modified to skip if TNM Edition Number not = 07,U7
– Description, edit logic modified to omit comparison between clin TNM and stage group and path TNM and stage group values.
– Modified logic, format of character string, e.g. “pxxb”, 2,3
– Logic corrected to skip for group 009, Mucosal Melanoma of Head and Neck
– Description, logic modified to not include pNX as allowable code for in situ carcinomas

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