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Isaac Hands

Bruce, thank you for this request and your description of the problems you may face with XML. In the NAACCR XML Workgroup we have been discussing the utility of a delimited file format for certain use cases, specifically related to compatibility in SAS and other statistical software. As these discussions are ongoing, we are all forming and re-forming our opinions on the matter so I am not sure I can present a coherent picture of where the discussions currently land until we have more discussion. (You are welcome to join our Workgroup at any time)

On the subject of choosing a delimiter, we can define escaping rules for whatever delimiter we choose, so I am not worried about trying to guess whether a certain character will show up in the output or not.

On the subject of header names, I am not a fan of defining another name for data items. We are currently working with UDS to harmonize the NAACCR “Short Name” list with the current XML naaccrIds so that we can reduce duplicate naming efforts in the NAACCR Community. This will probably involve shortening the Xml naaccrIds and agreeing on a standard way to generate stable names across versions.

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