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Jim Hofferkamp

I had what was essentially the same question come in from several central registries…

For our submission we need to Use the “Coodinated” Configuration?? And the NAACCR CFD v16 meta file. Want to do both NPCR & NAACCR Submission.

My response is below…

Probably the easiest thing to do is pull one file with all of the data items requested by both NAACCR and NPCR. Run that file through the Coordinated edit set. Once the file is clean, run that through NAACCRprep. You can then opt to create a submission file for both NAACCR and for NPCR. If everything worked correctly with NAACCRprep, you shouldn’t have to run any additional edits. If you want to double check, you can run the CINA edits on the NAACCR submission file and the NPCR edits on the NPCR file.

This year NAACCRPrep has the ability to populate your NHIA and NAPIIA data items as well. If you have already run the algorithm to populate these fields, there is no need to do it again.

If you do want NAACCRprep to calculate the fields, you will have to include the patient names in the file you run through NAACCRprep. You could just select file type C when you pull your initial file. The names and any other confidential data not requested by NAACCR or NPCR will not be included in the submission file that is created by NAACCRprep.

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