CiNA Research Data Set for Researchers

CiNA Research Data Set for Researchers


NAACCR receives de-identified resident cancer case information from member registries across the US and Canada. With the permission of submitting registries, NAACCR combines the incidence data from registries that meet all NAACCR requirements for completeness and quality into a single comprehensive data file. This file, called the CiNA Deluxe Analytic File, is available to NAACCR members who are interested in using the data for cancer surveillance research and to NAACCR Committees/Subcommittees for approved analyses. Researchers may request access to the CiNA Research Analytic File by submitting an application to NAACCR.

  • Applications are accepted any time and reviewed by the Research Application Review (RApR) Workgroup during its monthly conference call.
  • If, when proposing to analyze CiNA data, researchers select a single state or province as the research subject, the work group will request that the PI first contact the state or province central cancer registry for authorization to obtain their data for the proposed study. The work group will require direct authorization from the subject registry before the application will be considered.
  • Research proposals, all documents that accompany proposals, and communications about proposals are confidential.  The volunteers who constitute the NAACCR Research Application and Review Workgroup (RApR) will maintain confidentiality of all documents related to CiNA requests.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments regarding the CiNA Deluxe dataset, please email Dr. Recinda Sherman at.

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