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From research to agency reporting: producing an atlas of behavioural cancer risk factors in Ontario

  Zeinab El-Masri Senior Specialist, Knowledge Dissemination & Evaluation, Surveillance & Cancer Registry Cancer Care Ontario     […]

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Cancer in Victoria: Statistics and Trends 2016

  Helen Farrugia Director Victorian Cancer Registry     Latest cancer statistics from the Victorian Cancer Registry The […]

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Investigation of Ocular Melanoma Incidence, an Aggressive Form of Rare Tumor

  Chandrika Rao, PhD. Director, North Carolina Central Cancer Registry (NAACCR Communications Committee, NAACCR Narrative Production Editor)   […]

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CDC/NPCR Survival Supplement in the journal Cancer

Hannah K. Weir, Ph.D, Senior Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NAACCR Steering Committee Chair) Cancer published […]

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Follow-up of a Large Prospective United States Cohort by Linkage with Multiple State Cancer Registries

Eric J. Jacobs, PhD, Strategic Director, Pharmacoepidemiology, American Cancer Society (NAACCR Member)     A validation study was conducted […]

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Cervical cancer screening and incidence near the “stopping” age for screening

Mary C. White, ScD, Chief, Epidemiology and Applied Research Branch, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Centers for […]

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The devil is in the details: the power of cancer registry data for documenting breast cancer incidence trends and subtype patterns among distinct Asian American ethnic groups.

Scarlett Lin Gomez, PhD, Director, Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry, Cancer Prevention Institution of California (NAACCR Member) Asian […]

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Linkage of Indiana State Cancer Registry and Indiana Network for Patient Care Data

Laura P. Ruppert, MHA, Cancer Surveillance Section Director, Indiana State Cancer Registry (NAACCR Steering Committee Chair) As a central cancer […]

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Years of Life and Productivity Loss from Potentially Avoidable Colorectal Cancer Deaths in U.S. Counties with Lower Educational Attainment (2008–2012)

Hannah K. Weir, Ph.D, Senior Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NAACCR Steering Committee Chair) Colorectal cancer […]

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Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1975-2014

Jiemin Ma, PHD, MHS, Strategic Director, Surveillance and Health Services Research, American Cancer Society (443) 804-7314;   […]

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