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Ascertainment of incident cancer by US population-based cancer registries versus self-reports and death certificates in a nationwide cohort study, the U.S. Radiologic Technologists Study

Annelie M. Landgren, MPH, PMP [Contractor], Surveillance Research Program, DCCPS, NCI Martha S. Linet, MD, MPH, Scientist Emerita, […]

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Incidence of Lung Cancer in Never Smokers Based on Registry Data

Paulo Pinheiro, Associate Professor, University of Miami Incidence of Lung Cancer in Never Smokers Based on Registry Data To […]

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IARC classifies occupational exposure as a human carcinogen

Judith M Grrber, PhD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Rutgers School of Public Health […]

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New Hampshire and Northeast U.S. Region’s High Childhood Cancer Rates Re-Examined

Judy Rees, BM, BCh, MPH, PhD Director, NH State Cancer Registry; Associate Director for Community Outreach and Engagement, […]

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Cancer in African American Men- Action Plan

Henry Well Executive Director South Carolina Cancer Alliance   Cancer in African American Men- Action Plan In […]

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The Leading Cause of Death due to Brain Tumors in the United States

Blog Author: Quinn Ostrom Blog Author’s Title: Co-Scientific PI (CBTRUS), Assistant Professor (Duke) Central Brain Tumor Registry of […]

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Population-Based Cancer Survival in Canada and the United States by Socioeconomic Status: Findings from the CONCORD-2 Study

Hannah K Weir Senior Epidemiologist Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Centers for Disease Control and Prevention NAACCR […]

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Racial/Ethnic Disparities in HPV-Related Oropharyngeal Cancer Outcomes among Males in the United States: A National Cohort Study

Author: Jeanne M. Ferrante, MD, MPH Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health Director, New Jersey Primary Care Research Network […]

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Cancer Mortality in Latino Populations by Birthplace and Generation: A Complex Analysis

Author: Paulo S Pinheiro, MD MSc PhD Research Associate Professor University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Sylvester […]

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Symptomatic presentation of cervical cancer in emergency departments in California

Fran Maguire, PhD, MPH Research Data Analyst, California Cancer Reporting and Epidemiologic Surveillance (CalCARES) Program UC Davis Comprehensive […]

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