Oral Presentations

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  • A laptop will be provided at all sessions. Put your presentation file on a USB “memory stick” or other portable USB device for uploading to the laptop. To ensure that the meeting schedule is maintained, please arrive at your room 10 minutes before the session begins. Consult the Final Program on the conference web page for time and location of your presentation.
  • Presenters who cannot arrive 10 minutes before the session begins should notify the moderator (found in the Final Program) in advance and, if possible, make arrangements to have the moderator or a colleague upload the presentation.
  • Generally there will be four (4) speakers in each oral session. Twenty (20) minutes will be allocated for each presentation. Presenters should allow two or three minutes for questions. If a presenter uses all 20 minutes for his/her presentation, the moderator will announce that there will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the session (after the last speaker). Sessions with fewer or more than four (4) speakers will allocate their time evenly during the session.The session moderator will work with presenters in this situation to ensure timeliness and session flow.
  • Internetis not available for oral presentations during a concurrent break-out session.

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