RegistryDate Signed/UpdatedRestrictionsData Exchange AgreementContact
Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry9/27/2021YesJuly 2021 versionJustin George
Alaska Cancer Registry8/3/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionAlaska Cancer Registry
Arizona Cancer Registry10/1/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionChris Newton
Arkansas Central Cancer Registry8/3/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionChristopher Fisher
Bermuda National Tumour Registry4/14/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionKatura Horton
California Cancer Registry2/5/2016Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionDeepa Padmanaban
Cancer Data Registry of Idaho8/30/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionDenise Jozwik
Colorado Central Cancer Registry8/26/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionJohn Arend
Connecticut Tumor Registry9/8/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionCathryn Phillips
Delaware Cancer Registry1/13/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionJason Lawson
District of Columbia Cancer Registry (DCCR)1/31/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionAlfreda Woods
Florida Cancer Data System
Georgia Department of Public Health 8/26/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionRana Bayakly
Guam Cancer Registry4/1/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionLymona Susuico Refugia
Hawaii Tumor Registry8/24/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionJoni Davis
Illinois State Cancer Registry
Indiana State Cancer Registry10/5/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionLaura Ruppert
Kansas Cancer Registry
Kentucky Cancer Registry3/14/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionLindsey Baker
Louisiana Tumor Registry7/29/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionLauren Maniscalco
Maine Cancer Registry09/22/2021YesJuly 2021 versionKathy Boris
Maryland Cancer Registry8/23/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionVijay Medithi
Massachusetts Cancer Registry7/27/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionSusan Gershman
Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program7/28/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionGeorgetta Alverson
Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System
Mississippi Cancer Registry9/29/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionDeidre Rogers
Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center9/10/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionSue Stulgo
Montana Central Tumor Registry1/7/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionDebbi Lemons
Nebraska Cancer Registry7/6/2015Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionLifeng Li
Nevada Statewide Cancer Registry2/17/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionChristine Pool
New Hampshire State Cancer Registry2/3/2022YesJuly 2021 versionCathy Geiger
New Hampshire State Cancer Registry3/14/2022YesJuly 2021 versionAntoinette Stroup
New Mexico Tumor Registry11/12/2021YesJuly 2021 versionBarbara Evans
New York State Cancer Registry8/18/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionColleen Sherman
North Carolina Central Cancer Registry3/28/2013Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionChandrika Rao
North Dakota Statewide Cancer Registry8/26/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionYung Zheng
Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System1/26/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionEmily Bunt
Oklahoma Central Cancer Registry10/20/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionChristy Dabbs
Oregon State Cancer Registry7/27/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionShannon Evangelista
Pennsylvania Cancer Registry8/6/2013Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionWendy Aldinger
Puerto Rico Central Cancer Registry3/29/2022NoneJuly 2021 VersionCarlos Torres
Rhode Island Cancer Registry09/2/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionNancy Lebrun
South Carolina Central Cancer Registry12/13/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionMichael Castera
South Dakota Cancer Registry
State Health Registry of Iowa9/8/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionSuzanne Bentler
Tennessee Cancer Registry12/1/2022YesJuly 2021 versionMartin Whiteside
Texas Cancer Registry10/29/2021YesJuly 2021 versionMiriam Robles
Utah Cancer Registry9/22/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionCarrie Bateman
Vermont Cancer Registry9/9/2021YesJuly 2021 versionLinda Bloschies
Virgin Islands Cancer Registry1/31/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionJohn Orr
Virginia Cancer Registry3/22/2022NoneJuly 2021 versionSunney Wang
Washington State Cancer Registry7/27/2015Yes, PRIOR TO JULY 2021Signed 2010 VersionMahesh Cheteri
West Virginia Cancer Registry9/22/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionMyra Fernatt
Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System7/24/2023NoneJuly 2021 versionMandi Walsh
Wyoming Cancer Surveillance Program8/7/2021NoneJuly 2021 versionJulia Espinoza

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